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Join 100's of c-suite leaders, organizations and government agencies worldwide who have elevated their team leadership, well-being and compassion outcomes with my evidence-based coaching, programming and consulting.

C-Suite Coaching

Trained in the art and science of coaching, I have trained 100's of coaches globally in my YogaMedCo method and conduct research on coaching as an intervention. Experience the power of what one-one coaching can do for you - and book your first session here.

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Scientific Programs

As an implementation scientist trained in qualitative and quantitative methodology, I love partnering with leaders and their teams to co-create customized well-being programs and training courses. Every program is data-driven, outcomes-focused, and tailor-made.

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Keynotes & Webinars

Are you tired of booking speakers who deliver cookie-cutter speeches that don't resonate with your audience? Don't worry, I take the opposite approach. Let's chat about how I will partner with you to co-create an Om-Mazing experience.

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"Suzie is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed her method of that boosts confidence, allows for positive, incremental changes and gets results! Suzie has a strong work ethic, genuine concern for others, and a firm understanding of what makes people tick. I HIGHLY recommend her."

Don Salo
Retired Senior Executive and Army Colonel

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Then I would love to discuss how I can help you and your team further. Use the link below to contact me and tell me more about what is challenging you. I'll email you back with some suggestions and you can decide if it's time to book your first strategy call.

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