Yoga Coach Certification


Presented by the Center for Well-Being Education
Author and Instructor: Dr. Suzie Carmack, PhD, ERYT
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Become a Yoga Coach

This program is designed to help anyone who wants to learn more about yoga and share it with others as a coach (before becoming a yoga teacher), AND for experienced yoga teachers who want to learn how they can bring a coach's mindset and cueing practices into their teaching. In this empowering self-paced 15 hour course you'll learn how you can safely coach people of all ages and physical abilities in basic chair- and mat-based yoga postures, and how to lead mindfulness practices with your team. The training also includes two bonus modules on the business of yoga coaching and how to market yourself as a Yoga Coach, so you'll know the exact steps you need to take to create and scale your own successful Yoga Coaching business. The self-paced certification includes a live monthly office hour call with Dr. Carmack, so you can ask questions in real-time. Your course fee includes all materials, downloads and test-out review fees.

This 5 Module, 15-hour self-paced virtual course includes 

  • Video lectures and demonstrations - so you can review at your own pace
  • Downloadable handouts and lesson plans - so you can launch right away
  • A private online community portal where you can ask questions and receive support
  • Plus a live monthly office hours call with Dr. Carmack -- so you can ask training and implementation questions and meet other mindfully active teachers
  • Continuing Education Credits: This course is approved for 15 non-contact hours of continuing education with the Yoga Alliance. Additional CEC's and academic credits are pending.


"Suzie was one of my first yoga teachers as I started this journey many years ago. She is one of the best teachers I have ever encountered and believe me when I say that I have taken a class or two in the last few years. Her knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry, the health sciences and interpersonal communication is admirable. Suzie is a true Guru and I am honored to have studied with her"

Bana - Yoga Teacher Trainee

Learning Outcomes

5 MODULES = 15 hours of self-paced study with live monthly office hours and a private community portal

Module 1: Why Yoga Coaching - Learn why coaching yoga is an approach to leading yoga practices that is different than yoga teaching -- and encourages students (clients) to own their practice in safely and effectively, while learning to love their mind-body connection.

Module 2: Yoga Coaching 101 - Learn how to coach a yoga practice for the mat using Dr. Carmack's "ABCE" coaching method -- which she has used to train 1000's of instructors and coaches internationally. This powerful framework will teach you how to meet your clients where they are in their well-being needs as a coach, and to motivate them to become more mindful on and off of the mat.

Module 3: Coaching Cueing with the Chakras of Communication - Learn how you can use Dr. Carmack's chakras of communication coaching framework  and centered well-being theory -- to help your client to get back to well-being through the power of narrative reconstruction.

Module 4: 8 Yoga Coaching Mat Practices Learn how to put the yoga coaching method into practice with a series of 8 mat-based yoga practices led by Dr. Carmack. Each practice focuses on a different chakras of communication theme, and will inspire you to take care of yourself as a Yoga Coach

Module 5: Test Out and Certification Guidelines - including an online self-paced quiz and guidelines for submitting your Yoga Coach lesson plan and teaching video demonstration to earn your certificate of completion

Bonus Module: Learn how to market yourself as a Yoga Coach, and set up your Yoga Coaching business for success.


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