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This online mini-course includes 8 YogaMed mat practices...with a special bonus of 10 chair (Genius Break) practices for the school, home and office. Enroll for FREE for 8 days, then stay for $49/year. (No risk guarantee - cancel at any time).

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Join Dr. Suzie Carmack for this exciting online mini-course, to experience for yourself the power of her YogaMed Method (TM).

You'll discover 8 different yoga practices: each practice focusing on a different portion of the body and a different self-talk, so you can move through your mindset blocks and greet the day with more energy and self-compassion. 

Along the way, you'll discover how to combine the power of positive self-talk with each posture - using Dr. C's Chakras of communication framework.

PLUS for a limited time only, you'll get access to 10 Genius Breaks -- for FREE! These powerful mini-breaks combine mindfulness, movement and meaning into one reboot experience that you can practice off of the mat with a chair.

Why wait? You can enroll now for free, and cancel at any time. We'd love to welcome you to YogaMed!

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If you're looking to start, or jumpstart your yoga practice - this 8-day FREE challenge is perfect  for you. You'll discover 8 different mat practices - each with an all-new chakra of communication theme. PLUS for a limited time, we are also including 10 Genius Breaks for your office, home or school. Welcome to YogaMed!


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