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Isn't It Time We Stop Geniusing Alone?

As I mention in my book Genius Breaks, each one of us has a unique genius inside. But sometimes we are running so fast with our day-day demands, that we don't get the chance to celebrate that unique genius we have inside, or to support each other in bringing our genius out into the world.

I think it's time we change that.

Welcome to the Genius Inner Circle: a Mastermind Community dedicated to fostering the genius that lives inside each of us. Your membership includes an annual Genius Breakaway Weekend (Retreat), monthly community coaching calls, and a private online community portal so you can support, share, and connect with other geniuses, so that we no longer have to go it alone.

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Ready to Apply? Awesome.

Please schedule an interview with Dr. Carmack to learn more about the opportunity in a quick 20 minute chat. We launch in June 2019, but you can reserve your slot now. Enrollment is limited, so let's get you started!

Genius Inner Circle Membership 
Expectations and Requirements

Please Review Before You Decide to Apply

The Genius Inner Circle is designed for those who want to become a part of a supportive community of high achievers, so that we can bring out the very best genius in each other. Think of it as a think tank for thought leaders -- a fun one.

Membership is by application only. We want to be sure that we have a small enough group that each inner circle member feels supported by Dr. Carmack and other members. We also want to be sure that we grow and scale strategically.

We have a strict nice-people-only policy. If at any time your interactions in the course are not conducive to kind and compassionate interaction, we will respectfully ask you to cancel your membership without refund.

You are encouraged to attend the Genius Inner Circle in-person retreat  in Fairfax, VA in June 2019, as well as our monthly live webinars and our self-paced courses.  

If all of that doesn't scare you -- but instead actually excites you -- then please apply now to our positive and supportive mastermind community so you can secure your slot.

Space is limited. Applications will be accepted and considered on a first-come-first-served basis. 

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